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Royalty ( Mrs FEEDME ) Oral Service

Royalty orders Charlie into the room with a single hand gesture. He craws in slowly. Royalty points down while she starts her phone conversation, virtually ignoring Charlie. She goes on to talk to her friend about the big dude she met the night before. Charlie continues to service Royalty. Servants are not allowed to be jealous....


Melody Cummings panty play tease

Melody loves to tease Charlie. Today she decides to dip into her brand new panty stash. Charlie picked out some cute ones this time. He gets no special treatment because he has taste.


Royalty ( Mrs FEEDME ) facesitting 69

Charlie just bought Royalty a bra and panty set. She decides to reward his good deed by smothering him with her butt. She does go a little easy on him and plays with his cock too.


Voodoo Love assisted masturbation p1

Voodoo Love is an extremely kinky curvy goddess who makes her home in Vegas. She recently paid a visit to midwest to toy with Charlie a bit. Proper servitude especially when masturbating for your Goddess is a must.


Lana Luxor standing handjob tease

Lana Luxor is spending another day tease Charlie. But he doesn\'t get off easily. Not only are his hands and arms bound with tape, but his cock is hard. So he can\'t twitch but his cock can. Lana slowly strips, taking breaks to play with her \"cock toy\". Charlie gets no relief. He is left bound with blue balls...


Moka Bankz assisted masturbation and ass eating

Moka Bankz knows how to tease Charlie. She also knows how much Charlie loves eating her ass. Moka is going to give Charlie a rare treat, today he is going to masturbate with her help. So not only does Charlie get to touch himself but he also gets to taste and lick Mokas beautiful ass...


Milian Manson femdom massage 3

Every Goddess deserves exceptional massage service. Milian looks extremely fetching in her gray boy shorts and gray plaid knee high socks. That lucky bastard Charlie gets the honor of giving Milian a full body massage.


Melody Cummings facesitting 69

Melody Cummings has a sweet bubbly personality. But when it comes to Charlie her mean streak surfaces. When Charlie is too slow at completing a simple task he is treated to a round of face grinding followed by some cock play. Once he gets good and hard playtime abruptly stops...


Beauti Doll workout assworship

After coming home from the gym Beauti decides to extend her workout with a few more stretches. Why not use Charlie as a cushion for her able butt while she squats?

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Milian Manson Ass Eating with Butt Plug

Milian makes Charlie get up close and personal with her gorgeous ass. He licks and eats it like the pro he is. He does not even let her butt plug get in the way.


Lana Luxor multiple cock rings

Cock rings can be a girls best friend. Lana takes full advantage of Charlies cock. Not one, not two, not three, well you get the idea. Lana loads Charlies cock with rings and makes him scrum....


Kay Kush POV panty play and Foot Worship

Kay Kush is at it again. Teasing Charlie. Multiple panties, multiple angles, including pov. See the world the way Charlie does, pretty sad...


Ms Beauti Doll Body Suit Foot Worship

Yes Ms Beauti Doll is up to her old tricks. Using Charlie. Today she is going to give him the pleasure of worshiping her feet. She is decked out in a skin tight black body suit. Charlie is once again a lucky man....


Moka Bankz 69 panty tease

Monka catches Charlie jerking off. He knows that is against the house rules. But before Monka punishes him she decides to tease him. First she takes off her panties and wraps them around his cock. Then she jerks his cock ever so slowly. And she they do end up in the 69 position. Charlie may end up wishing he gets caught more often


Milian Manson femdom massage 2

What can we say, another hot femdom massage scene with Milian Manson. Milian knows how to treat Charlie just well enough to get her desired results. Today she may play with Charlies cock a bit while his skilled hands are working, but only one person gets complete satisfaction in this scenario....


Twiggy facial strap on

Newcomer Twiggy has landed on black femdom goddess. There is nothing hotter than a fit babe in fishnets, well maybe the same babe in a fishnet bodystocking. Twiggy loves to tease Charlie. Today she tells him he is going to get some. But of course not the way he thinks. Assume the position, 69 that is...


Ms Ready XxX foot worship handjob

Yes Ms Ready is back. Tormenting Charlie once again. First she plays with him using only her feet. Then after his cock is rock hard she proceeds to give him a slow handjob. Letting him know he doesnt get to cum. But he comes close....


Milian Manson panty tease and handjob

Charlie is treated with another hot session with Milian Manson. Today she begins by teasing in her tan lace boyshorts. She then has him remove them. She makes him wear them as a hat, later shoving them in his mouth and using them to jerk his cock. The tease factor is extreme for this dark chocolate goddess.

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Kay Kush standing handjob tease

Kay Kush is on the phone talking to her friend about the big cocks they are going to be playing with later. Kay decides to have a little fun with Charlie before her night out. She plays with his cock without breaking up her phone conversation. Every Goddess should have a hard cock at her disposal on demand


Ms Beauti Doll Facesitting 69

Yes, yes, yes. Ms Beauti Doll is back! Up to her same tricks. Keeping Charlie in check while teasing "his" pants off. Facesitting is always better in the 69 position....


Milian Manson lap dance tease

Milian loves to tease Charlie. Today she is going to give him a slow sensual lap dance. Charlie knows the rules. Milian gets is the only one who gets fully pleased....


Mpenzi Barbie foot worship and nail service

Mpenzi Barbie is very particular when to comes to her feet. Charlie is not allowed to treat her toes just anyway he sees fit. Mpenzi gives him step by step instructions. In order to be granted the pleasure of worshiping her feet Charlie first must service them....


Milian Manson femdom massage service

Milian Manson is a true goddess. Her gorgeous dark skin puts Charlie in a trance. Today Charlie gets to serve and play. He pinches Milians hard nipples while Milian rubs his stiff cock....


Kay Kush panty play tease

Kay Kush just went on a panty shopping spree. Time to tease Charlie with them. Today is special day for Charlie, not only does he get to smell Kays freshly worn panties, but he also gets to wear them. No not the way you\'re thinking, she puts them on his head....


Milian Manson cock and ball tickle and tease

Milian just got a new toy. Shes going to use it tickle Charlie. Milian cant resist teasing Charlie a bit too. She mounts him, his cock gets hard as she fondles his balls. How much can he stand...


Nyomi Roze Ass Worship Workout

Nyomi likes to break a sweat every now and then. Especially since she has Charlie to clean up after her. Today it\'s the usual routine she rides his face, let\'s him lick her ass, then a little dry humping to remind Charlie of what he is never going to get....


Layla Perez XxX stocking and ass worship

What does a goddess do when she gets a run in her brand new stockings? She calls for her servant to fix it. Charlie is no seamstress but he is good with his lips and tongue. Layla orders Charlie to kiss it and make it better...

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Kay Kush femdom shower and lotion service

Kay Kush is taking a long afternoon shower. She calls for Charlie to dry her off. But shes not done with him yet. She leads him into the next room and makes him preform his lotion duties. Being a full time sub is pretty tough....


Milian Manson mid afternoon ass eating

Milian is trying to take a nap. She tosses and turns, but just can not fall asleep. Charlie is on the floor, snoring. If Milian cant sleep, neither can Charlie. She smacks him in the head and orders him to rub her ass. One thing leads to another, rubbing leads to kissing, kissing leads to eating. Milian may not be able to sleep but she will get pleased....


Darling Darla no mercy tit smother

You may not know, but Charlie has a soft spot for the big girls. Darla loves to take advantage of that fact. Not that she needs permission to test Charlies limits. Charlies gets a face full of Darlas melons and he begs for more....


Mpenzi Barbie and Diamond Ortega Double Team 69

Mpenzi Barbie and Diamond Ortega are once again teaming up on Charlie. Fresh from the gym they take him on a wild facesitting ride.


Layla Perez XxX cock cleaning tease

Once again time to tease Charlie. Layla offers to do Charlie a favor and clean his cock for him. She even going to use her rubber gloves not so fresh from washing the dishes. Why is Layla washing the dishes with Charlie around? That is a good question. Maybe that is why Charlie never gets fully pleased....


Kay Kush Oral servitude feet and pussy

Kay Kush and Charlie have a simple understanding, if she she cant sleep, neither can he. Kay tosses and turns for a bit then orders Charlie to serve her. The whole time reminding him what a little man her is and how she can get better "service" almost anywhere


Milian Manson reach around handjob

Milian Manson loves to tease Charlie. Today she decides to wake him up by giving him a handjob. Charlie knows the routine enjoy it while it lasts because he is not going to finish....


Marley XxX fishnet Ass Worship

Marley XxX in a fishnet bodystocking that is more than enough of a description. Want more? Charlies face slammed between her massive butt cheeks. Still more? Rip the stockings so Charlie has even more access...


Darling Darla Ass Worship and Facesitting

In case you didnt realize, Charlie defiantly has a soft spot for the big girls. Recently Darla stopped by for another play session. Ass worship, facesitting, tit suffocation, all on the menu. Pretty sure Charlie wishes he ate his Wheaties....

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Kay Kush Toy Play

Kay Kush has plans for Charlie. Today Kay wants to play with a few toys, plus she is going to make Charlie her personal toy. A wand, a facial strap on, and a handful of cock rings all come into play.


Stephanie Kim XxX more facesitting v2

Stephanie Kim is one of Charlies favorite goddesses. Given shes not "black". But this exquisite Asian goddess gives Charlie a run for this money.


Milian Manson 69 fishnet facesitting

What a day. Charlie Charlie gets to eat Milians sweet pussy but she also plays with his cock. She even puts it in her mouth. What did Charlie do to deserve this kind of treatment?


Mpenzi Barbie Facesitting 101

Mpenzi Barbie gives Charlie a lesson in facesetting. Mpenzi has just returned from a fetish ball. After a long night she knows just how to relax, by sitting on Charlies face. Yes he gets to taste her sweet juices, but only Mpenzi gets full satisfaction.


Kay Kush massage sevice

Kay Kush is one of those petite girls with curves. A cute bubble butt and a pair of tits that will make you totally forget youre not a tit man. Today is massage service day, a specialty of Charlie. He is sure to give Kay all the attention she deserves....


Layla Perez XxX handjob tease

Layla Perez loves to tease Charlie. Today she once again lets him think he may get off. This time he gets the pleasure of a handjob. Maybe one day she will let him have that ultimate gratification. But knowing Layla thats not likely


Milian Manson Bra and Panty tease

Milian loves to tease Charlie. Today in just a bra and panties Milian gives Charlie a real treat. His cock my get stiff but it has to stay in his briefs while Milian shows her stuff....


Kay Kush Tit worship

Kay Kush is going to make Charlie a tit man. Kiss them, lick them, get smothered by them. Kay has full command of Charlie barley having to say a word. Kay Kush possesses tits that should be worshiped by all...


Mpenzi Barbie and Diamond Ortega 2 on 1 oral service

Mpenzi and Diamond are on their way to the club. Why not get a little service from Charlie before they go? Mpenzi mounts his back, while Diamond mounts his face. Charlie cant be too comfortable, he might start to enjoy himself. Charlie is only good for a warm up, they will no doubt find a real man to provide full service.

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Kenya Sweetz and Stacey Short After Gym Assworship

Charlie loves the smell of a sweaty butt. Today he has 2 to sniff and lick. Kenya Sweetz and Stacey Short do not go easy on Charlie. They take turns shoving his face into each others ass. He barely has time to breathe be they switch roles on him. A double dose of sweaty butt cheeks is a perfect diet for Charlie....


Darling Darla foot worship 101

Darling Darla is back, ready to teach Charlie a lesson in foot worship. Now Darla is a big girl who can easily have her way with Charlie and make him succumb to her every whelm. As much fun as it is to bounce her huge ass on his face or smoother him with her tits. Today Darla opts for the simple pleasure of having her size 12 feet licked and sucked....


Layla Perez XxX facesitting 69

Layla Perez loves to tease, and play with Charlies cock. She has perfected the art or grinding on Charlies face. Her bubble butt looks exquisite as it bounces. He still thinks he will get some. Well maybe someday.


Jazzy Jamison femdom massage service

Jazzy Jamison demands full service from Charlie. It is give and take, he gets to rub her freshly shaved pussy and she gets to squeeze the head of his cock. Everyone is happy...


Stephanie Kim XxX femdom shower service

As you know Stephanie Kim is a hot Asian goddess. With a body covered in tats and a wicked smile, Stephanie is a combo Charlie can not resist. He patiently waits while Stephanie is in the shower. His duty begins after the water is off.


Nadia White Workout Assworship

Our resident extremely light skinned goddess Nadia White is at it again. Just home from the gym in her short white leggings and sports bra Nadia immediately orders Charlie to service her. Beginning at her sweaty feet all the way up to her sticky butt crack. His lips and tongue are in sub boy heaven.


Milian Manson work out ass worship

Milian has just returned from the gym. Time to give Charlie a work out. First Milian rubs her sweaty ass against Charlies face. Then she makes him stretch out on the hard floor so she can bounce on his chest and face...


Layla Perez XxX cockring tease

Layla Perez is at it again, teasing Charlies cock. This time with multiple toys. Several rings and a cage. Charlie is a lucky bastard to get all this attention from his mistress. Dont worry Layla will make sure he returns the favor...


Mpenzi Barbie panty tease

Mpenzi Barbie loves to tease Charlie. Tonight it is about business. She needs to prepare for the fetish ball and it is Charlies responsibility to help her by selecting the appropriate panties complete her outfit. It takes a few tries and he ends up wearing some on his head, but Charlie is up to the task.

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Jade panty suffoction

Jade knows how to torment Charlie. Yea he loves to eat her pussy. But today he only gets to lick her panties.


Milian Manson Facesitting 69

Millian demands some special attention from Charlie. Not that she needs to, ever. Today she is going to entice him with her Asian style robe. Time for Charlie to assume the position. 69 that is....


Layla Perez XxX femdom massage service

Layla has had a long day and she needs to prepare for her date. Charlie may have been good. But Layla still requires his full attention. Pun intended


Milian Manson oral service

Milian knows how much Charlie enjoys servicing her. Today instead of ignoring him while he takes care of her oral needs, after a short conversation with her girlfriend, she gives him her full attention. Charlie better not screw it up.


Moka Bankz sexy massage

Moka treats herself to a full service massage from Charlie.


Drea and Nadia White ass worship fun

Drea and Nadia have moved on from the foot worship training to ass licking and ass worship. This is one of Charlies specialties but that doesnt mean he gets off easily. In face the bar is high and that is his own fault....


Layla Perez XxX Nursing Charlies cock

Layla has a special treat for Charlie today. She is going to play nurse. The outfit looks awesome on her. Once she starts to tease Charlies cock he wont be able to hold out long...


Jade Shower Service

Jade demands full service from Charlie, all day everyday. This includes in the shower where Charlie inst allowed to even undress before he performs his duties....


Moka Bankz Facesitting 69

Moka treats Charlie way better than he deserves. First teasing him by waking him up with a hand job. Then mounting his face and allowing him to eat her pussy. He does such a good job she rewards him with a little head. Maybe she will even let him cum. But she has to first....

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Nadia White and Drea foot worship training

I know what you are thinking, Nadia White is extremely light skinned. Nadia White may not be black but she is a femdom goddess, plus she has goddess in training Drea with her to round out the racial mix. When we met Nadia we decided that we should not deprive you and Charlie of her presence and talents....


Layla Perez XxX oiled up

Layla keeps Charlie around for her service needs. Today it is an oil treatment with a reward if Charlie is obedient and Layla is feeling generous


Jade rough lap dance

Jade can turn what should be a fun thing like a dance into a lesson and punishment. Jade teases Charlie while she pretends to ride him. Reminding him the whole time that he will never be able to satisfy her. Yes his cock can get rock hard, but it will never feel the inside of her sweat pussy. Poor Charlie, play time only....


Moka Bankz Ass Worship 101

Moka Bankz gives Charlie a lesson in ass worship. Charlie knows how to treat a goddess like Moka but she still likes to remind him that he cant read her mind.


Brandi Foxx scissorhold

Brandi Foxx is hard to read. She can be shy and playful one minute then rough and aggressive the next minute. Leaving Charlie at a loss. He just has to cater to her every whim. Today that means letting Brandi wrap her slim fit legs around his head and choke him in a scissorhold.


Jade facesitting cock ring tease

Once again we have sexy ass slim Jade toying with Charlie. Don\'t let her small frame and coy smile foul you. Jade is extremely dominate and only teases Charlie for her own amusement. Yes she plays with his cock but her pussy receives Charlies full attention....


Brandi Sweets Facesitting 69

Brandi has a gorgeous bubble butt, as mentioned many times before on this site. When she puts that nearly perfect butt to its full use is we she sits on Charlies face. This time in the 69 position, giving Charlie a little treat as well. He knows the rules, he doesnt get to finish but he must please Brandi.


Gemini Lovell full femdom shower service

Charlie was so posed to towel off Gemini after her refreshing shower. Gemini had other plans, dragging Charlie into the shower with her and ordering him to eat her ass and pussy, then slapping him a few times to ensure he does it correctly.


Jade massage service

Jade have an awesome slim figure. She likes to make sure Charlie appreciates it. She demands full service, when Charlie is at full attention she teases him a bit as a reward for his loyal service.

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Marley XxX extended massage session

Marley XxX is a big girl. Charlie has soft spot for big girls. Today he has his hands FULL. Marley demands full service in this extended massage session...


Diamond Ortega and Brandi Sweets Facesitting 2 on 1

Diamond and Brandi are at it again. Tormenting Charlie. Facesitting, ass worship, plus some cock play. That lucky bastard Charlie is in for a long day....


Jazzy Jamison workout assworship p3

Jazzy Jamison has Charlie stretched out on the floor. His face is covered by her fresh sweaty panties. She continues to tempt and tease him. Yes he can touch her ass but he cant see it. Yes he can play with his cock and she may even help him but he cant cum....


Nyomi Roze 69 Handjob Tease

Nyomi loves to tease Charlie. Why not get some satisfaction out of it too? Tease his cock in the 69 position. Let him think that this maybe the day he finally gets to get off. She gets an orgasm or two and he gets to craw away with a still rock hard cock.....


CoCo Kisses Foot Worship and Oral service

More fun with CoCo Kisses and Charlie on the webcam. This time both foot worship and oral service. Charlie has no idea how good he has it...


Brandi Sweets Lap Dance

Brandi Sweets excels at teasing Charlie. Today she takes it to another level with a sensual lap dance. Charlie does not know what he is in for as he sits there with a blank stare and rock hard cock....


Marley XxX Tit Smother

Marley loves to tease and toy with Charlie. Today her toy of choice is her huge delectable tits. Marley knows Charlie adores them. So she uses them tease and smother him. What a way to go....


Stacey Short XxX tit smother and choke

Stacey Short XxX seems pretty friendly when it comes to Charlie. But Charlie learns very quickly that thinks are not always as they seem. Yes Stacey is sweet and be gentle, but she is also very aggressive and not afraid to throw her voluptuous weight around.


Jazzy Jamison Ass Smothering

Jazzy makes Charlie think hes in for a treat. She removes bra and pants. Jazzy is slim and very flexible. She chokes Charlie while wrapping her legs around him. Later she sits on the side of his head and bounces. Not facesitting but head bouncing.....

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CoCo Kisses Webcam Foot Worship

CoCo and Charlie are at it again on webcam. CoCo starts by teasing Charlie with new stockings. Then she orders him kiss her feet and suck her toes. He is being a good boy so she gives him a treat she lets him remove her stockings and lick her bare feet....


Nyomi Roze massage service

Nyomi Roze enjoys a full service massage. Charlie is always eager to please Nyomi. Her truly awesome body gives him goosebumps....


Brandi Sweets and Diamond Ortega team up on Charlie

Charlie is in for a special treat today. Brandi and Diamond are going to team up and go to work on him. First taking turns then at the same time. It\'s a facesitting slumber party in the middle of the afternoon.


Marley XxX colorful assworship

Marley XxX has a bubbly and colorful personality. Today she has an out fit to match it. That does not mean she is going to be easy on Charlie. Marley makes sure Charlie gets an over sized serving of ass.


Kenya Sweetz and Stacey Short XxX Cock Ring tease

It is once again time to tease and torment Charlie. Both Kenya Sweetz and Stacey Short start by taking turns. After they decide that Charlie has had enough of a break they double team him. One playing with his cock while the other sits on his face. How much can Charlie take?


Jade Foot Worship Choke

Charlie needs some extra training today. Who better to give it than Jade? A dominatrix in her spare time Jade has the perfect skill set. Today she is going to tempt and choke Charlie. Can he take it? Does he deserve it?


Brandi Sweets full service massage

Brandi Sweets maybe soft spoken but she knows how to get Charlie to do what she wants with little or no words. Today full massage service is in order. Charlie will be sure to give her ample ass the extra attention it deserves.


Marley XxX shower service

Marley XxX is very intimidating. Charlie knows he is in for a long day. There is nothing like a girl with curves getting all soapy in the shower. Charlie doesn\'t get to know this sight long before Marley puts him to work.


Jazzy Jamison bra and panty tease

Most Goddesses enjoy teasing Charlie. Most are good at at. Jazzy Jamison is masterful. Charlie loses track of time and lost in a daze as Jazzy takes his emotions on a roller coaster ride. They both try on several bras. Charlie gets to use several pairs of panties as hats. A most productive experience for both Jazzy and Charlie.

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Jade Panty Play

Jade loves gifts from Charlie. Panties are one of her favorites. But when he buys the wrong size, he has to answer for it. Sure she toys and teases him, but she also makes him choke on the oversized panties.


CoCo Kisses Webcam Massage Service

CoCo Kisses truly enjoys toying with Charlie on webcam. Why not earn tips for something she does in her everyday life? Fan boys are such tools. BTW CoCo has a waiting list just in case Charlie fails to satisfy her needs. Contact her to sign up.


Brandi Sweets oral service

Brandi Sweets is a young, thick, goddess with an ass to die for. But today Charlie is focusing on her sweet pussy. She is talking on the phone and totally ignoring him, but he sticks to his task.


Gemini Lovell massage service

Gemini loves to be pampered. But it has to be on her terms. Charlie knows his place and how to please Gemini and if he gets out of line this session will end with an unhappy ending for him


Marley XxX choke and scissorhold

Marley can easily over power Charlie. But what she really loves to do is squeeze him between her powerful thighs. Charlie knows who\'s boss, but Marley is always willing to remind him.


Jazzy Jamison workout assworship p2

Jazzy is not done with Charlie. Time to take things to the floor. She tugs on his wife beater while she rides his face. Jazzy likes things her way slow and rough.


CoCo Kisses After Shower Rub Down webcam clip

CoCo Kisses is fresh out of the shower. Time to put Charlie to work. Apply lotion and don\'t miss a spot


Kenya Sweetz facial strap on

Kenya enjoys using Charlie as a toy. Today she allows him to lick and kiss her sweet pussy. But she only gets true satisfaction when she straps a dildo on his face and hides him.


Jazzy Jamison workout assworship p1

Jazzy loves a good workout. Today a little kick boxing. After she gets nice and sweaty Charlie gets a workout licking the sweat off.

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Stacey Short XxX Facesitting with Charlie

Stacey and Charlie have just met. They were kind of setup by a friend. Stacey takes to her new play toy right away. She loves to hear Charlie gasp for breath while she rubs her ample butt cheeks in his face.


CoCo Kisses White Leggings facesitting 69 webcam

CoCo Kisses treats Charlie very well. Sure she teases him every day. But she also treats him too. After smothering him with her bubble butt she lets him remove her leggings gets in the 69 position and puts her lips on his cock. A rare treat for Charlie. He responds by making sure his goddess is fully satisfied.


Jazzy Jamison oral servitude 69

Jazzy enjoys a nice long oral service session from Charlie. Jazzy knows Charlie is devoted and she takes full advantage.


Gemini Lovell oral service

Gemini demands full service from Charlie. She does it without saying a word. She is relaxing while having a conversation with her friend. With just a hand signal Charlie is in full service mood. Taking care of her needs.


Diamond Ortega Facial Strap On 1

Diamond Ortega has many admirers. Some she receives gifts from, some she lets take her out, and then there is Charlie. He can buy her things sure, put he will never get to take her out. He does get to help her prepare for her real date by warming her pussy up with a facial strap on.


Jazzy Jamison Jeans Scissorhold

Jazzy Jamison maybe slim but she can put Charlie into a tight grip between her legs. Speaking of tight her jeans truly enhance her curves.


Sweetie Ass Sniffing cock tease

Sweetie is addicted to teasing Charlie. Today she gets her fix by letting him sniff her ass while they take turns playing with his cock. Will she let him finish or just test his limits?


Stephanie Kim XxX slow handjob

Stephanie Kim toys with Charlie by giving him a treat then snatching it away. She rubs his hard cock getting him so close to climax. Then she stops and begins again ever so slowly....


Sammi Ross facesitting 69

Sammi teases Charlie every chance she has. Today is no different. Let him think that if he takes care of her she will reward him. Maybe even touch him. He should know better.

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Diamond Ortega Extra Kinky Massage Service

Diamond Ortega knows how to take care of Charlie. In return she receives full commitment and devotion. She teases him relentlessly. Everyday letting him think he has a chance to truly please her. But every scenario ends the same. She looks deep into his eyes and shakes her head.


CoCo Kisses Shower Service

CoCo Kisses demands full service from Charlie even in the shower. As a special treat for Charlie CoCo stuffs his mouth with her wet just warn panties.


Ms. Beauti Doll and Charlie cock ring webcam

Ms. Beauti Doll and Charlie are having a webcam session. Charlie is servicing Beauti in the 69 postion. Beauti pulls out a bag full of cock rings and begins putting them on Charlie. How many can she squeeze on? Listen to the tips rolling in.


Diamond Ortega Hand Job Tease

Diamond Ortega is going to reward Charlie. He has been a good boy. He deserves a slow relaxing hand job. Maybe she will let him finish and release......


CoCo Kisses Massage Service

CoCo Kisses takes every opportunity to tease Charlie. During her full service massage session she teases his hard cock. She lets him know he is doing an excellent job. Not get the wrong idea she gets to finish but she is going to leave Charlie hard and dry.


Shae Spreadz Assisted Masturbation Strap On

Shae Spreadz has a special treat for Charlie. She is going to let me please her and maybe even a allow him to give her an orgasm but not the way he thinks. Not with his hands or even his mouth. No that would be too easy. Today he has to use a strap on in his mouth. So his only satisfaction comes from knowing he has do his job.


Trina Starz massage service part two

Yes THE Trina Starz has made it to BFG. Trina is a goddess in every sense of the word. Part Two of this hot massage scene


Diamond Ortega Panty Play

Diamond Ortega loves panties. She has given Charlie the pleasure of funding a VS run for her. His reward for being such a good boy? A face full of panties.....


CoCo Kisses After Gym Ass Worship

When is the best time for an ass worship session? Anytime a Goddess wants one of course. Coco has just come home from the gym where she worked up a good sweat. Time to put Charlie to work kissing and licking her sweaty ass.

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Trina Starz massage service part one

Yes THE Trina Starz has made it to BFG. Trina is a goddess in every sense of the word. She even ordered Charlie around off camera. Today is a laid back relaxing day for Trina. Charlie is on massage duty. Is Charlie up to the task of servicing a pampered goddess like Trina?


Carmen Oral service

Carmen demands the best oral service from Charlie. If she does not get it he will be demised and later disciplined


CoCo Kisses Ass Eating Ashtray

CoCo Kisses loves using Charlie. First his hands as an ashtray. Then his mouth to lick her ass


Diamond Ortega Shower Service

Diamond is taking a mid day shower just to relax. Time to put Charlie to work. Sure he can join her but he has to stay dressed.


Shae Spreadz Hand Job Time

Shae is in a giving mood. Time for Charlie to get motivated. If he fails to show some enthusiasm Shae will delay and maybe even deny his happy ending


Sammi Ross foot worship

Sammi loves to have her feet worshiped by Charlie. She kicks him to wake him up then kicks him again when she is done with him.


Carmen massage service

Every Goddess deserves a relaxing massage. Carmen gets hers several times daily. Charlie is very happy to comply


Stephanie Kim XxX facesitting 69

Stephanie Kim is a facesitting professional. See teases Charlie by slowly removing her panties, then uses them to blindfold him. Facesitting is one of her favorite things to do with Charlie. Better not let him know that, he might get used to it. TAGS: femdom, fetish, interracial, facesitting, 69


CoCo Kisses Panty Play

CoCo Kisses has few weaknesses. But one of them is panties. So After dragging Charlie out to the mall for a long day of spending his money. CoCo decides to tease Charlie by modeling the panties he paid for. TAGS : Fedmom, fetish, interracial, panties

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Diamond Ortega After Gym Ass Worship

Diamond Ortega loves a good workout. Today when she comes home from the gym she\'s going to give Charlie a workout. It is a simple equation Diamond Ortega and her amble ass checks plus Charlie and the bridge of his nose equals pure ass worship bliss TAGS - Ass Worship, Goddess Worship, interracial, femdom, fetish


Carmen Handjob Tease

Carmen loves to tease Charlie. Why not it makes him a better servant. Today she teases him with a handjob, letting him think he might actually get off. TAGS: fetish, femdom, interracial, handjob


Shae Spreadz Scissorhold

Shae Spreadz grips Charlie in a choking scissorhold. Shae maybe slim but she can work those legs. She teases Charlie by letting him breathe and giving him a moment to rest, then wrapping her thighs around his head again letting him think she might not let go....


Sammi Ross Mixed Wrestling

Sammi Ross never goes easy on Charlie. Today is no different. Not just scissor hold or face sitting, today is full mixed wrestling. TAGS: mixed wrestling, fetish, femdom, interracial


Sexxxy sensual massage

Sexxxy receives a sensual massage from Charlie. She is sure to let him know extra deep, and extra wet. Lots of oil and it is not over until she is fully satisfied. TAGS: fetish, femdom, interracial, sensual massage


Carmen 13 minutes of ass eating

Carmen loves how Charlie is such a devoted servant. He never stops until ordered. Carmen is going to put him to the test today. Today ass eating is on the menu and not just a 2 or 3 minute session. Today it is going to be 13 plus minutes of ass eating. Enjoy Charlie


Diamond Ortega Ass Worship 69

Diamond Ortega loves to have her ass worshiped. It is for Charlie his greatest luxury and honor. Diamond teases Charlie today, straddles him, plays with his cock a bit, even offers him a little head if he takes care of her needs.


Sammi Ross Workout Ass Worship

Sammi Ross is by far our most athletic Goddess. So her version of workout ass worship includes power squats on Charlie, right on the face. TAGS: fetish, femdom, assworship, facesitting


Shae Spreadz massage session

Shae Spreadz does enjoy a good massage. If she gets to tease Charlie in the process, even better.

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Stephanie Kim XxX 69 tease

Stephanie Kim loves to tease Charlie. Today she decides to do it in the 69 position. How long can Charlie last when Stephanie starts stroking his hard cock?


Diamond Ortega Oral Tease

Diamond Ortega like most goddesses knows how to tease. Diamond Ortega takes it to a new level. Charlie is not allowed to speak and he has to lick her fingers several times before he is allowed to even sniff her pussy.


Carmen 69 service

Part facesitting, part handjob tease, all Goddess Carmen. Charlie gets all worked up with no release.


Sexxxy Assisted Masturbation Tease

Sexxxy truly enjoys teasing Charlie. Today she allows him to masturbate while she pleases herself. She just might let him get off, if he is truly lucky


Sammi Ross massage service

Sammi does enjoy a good massage. She even tells Charlie if he does a good job he will receive a reward. Maybe there will be 2 happy endings today.


Shae Spreadz After Gym Ass Worship

Shae just had a long workout. She is nice and sweaty. Why not take advantage of Charlie and his full service ass worship


Carmen Full Body Worship

Why stop at just the feet, legs, or ass? Carmen demands full body worship from Charlie


Stephanie Kim XxX Oral Servitude

Stephanie Kim is lounging around the talking to her girl friend on the phone when she motions for Charlie to come and service her. Charlie is always up for that task


Brandi Foxx Foot Worship

Brandi knows how much Charlie loves her feet. So why not tease him by letting him kiss and like her feet, but not taking off her stockings.....

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Sammi Ross Shower Tease

Sammi teases Charlie while she is in the shower. Charlie is not only made to just watch as Sammi cleans herself but he is put to work drying her off as soon as she is done.


Sexxxy Ass Eating

Sexxxy has Charlie treat her ass like a buffet, only she gets to decide if he deserves seconds.


Anika Jade massage service

Anika Jade truly enjoys the massage skills of Charlie. She receives them on demand, day or night.


Sexxxy Facesitting 69

There’s nothing quite like facesitting in the 69 position. Sexxxy teases Charlie letting him think she might take his cock out and play with it.


Anika Jade masturbation tease

Anika loves to tease Charlie while she masturbates. Today she lets him play with his cock while he watches. She even turns around and lets him rest his cock on her ass, letting him get so close to putting in her wet pussy.


Wendi Williams XxX Workout Tease

Wendi Williams excels at teasing Charlie. Today after her workout she mounts his lap and gives him a hot sweaty lap dance. She even lets him pull out his cock and slap it against her sweaty ass....


Stephanie Kim XxX Massage Session

Stephanie Kim deserves a good massage, like every Goddess. Stephanie may seem sweat but Charlie knows if he doesn\'t take care of her he won\'t he this chance again


Sexxxy Jeans Ass Kissing

What better way for Sexxxy to show appreciation for her leggings that Charlie just bought for her than by letting him kiss and worship her ass in them


Anika Jade oral service

Anika Jade is on the phone when she decides that she wants some oral attention from Charlie. She doesn\'t want to stop her conversation so she simply signals Charlie.

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India femdom oral service

India, being the true femdom goddess she is, wakes Charlie up from his post at the foot of the bed and orders him to "entertain her". Today that means full oral service


Stephanie Kim XxX After Gym Ass Worship

Stephanie Kim comes home from the gym and finds Charlie sleeping against the wall. As a special treat for him she didn\'t shower after her work out so Charlie can worship her sweaty ass.....


Sweetie cock tease

knows that Charlie\'s cock is just her play thing and she takes full advantage of that


Ms. Beauti Doll full massage service

Ms. Beauti Doll loves a good massage. She makes sure she keeps Charlie in line during the process. She makes him remove his boxers so she knows if he\'s getting excited.


Wendi Williams Facesitting 69

Wendi is on the phone with her girlfriend when she calls for Charlie to service her. She finishes her conversation and turns her attention to Charlie ordering him into the 69 position so she can tease his cock while he brings her to orgasm.


Anika Jade Cock Ring Tease

Anika Jade loves to tease Charlie. Today she decides to use a cock ring. Sometimes Charlie is too lucky for his own good.


Moni Bella Ass Eatting on a leash

Moni is trying to have a mid afternoon nap. Charlie decides to dose off too. When Moni can\'t get comfortable she decides to use Charlie to help her relax. Letting Charlie eat her ass always does the trick


Paris full bath service

Paris uses Charlie as her bath assistant. Normally this would be a fun task for any loyal servant, but today Paris elects to humiliate him by pulling him into the tub with his clothes on.


GoGoFukme ass worship and tease

GoGoFukme knows how to treat Charlie, just like her pet. Today he gets to worship her ass but first she going to tease him a bit....

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Wendi Williams massage service

Wendi has 2 rules for Charlie, rule 1: she always gets off, rule 2: if he was any questions see rule 1


Yazmin masturbation tease

Yazmin is in a playful mood. She is going to play with herself and Charlie. First she lets him watch, then she lets him stroke his cock. But will she let him finish?


Juggs scissorhold and tit worship

Juggs calls her breasts “the twins”. Today the twins need some attention. But first Juggs is going to have some fun with Charlie by placing him in a scissorhold. After he squirms for a while she lets him breathe so he can attend to “the twins”


Beauti Doll DP toy play

Beauti likes to use Charlie as a toy, but today she has some real toys to play with. She is going to be nice and let Charlie play too. 4 toys in all, including Charlie, Beauti is sure to get satisfied


Anika Jade Ass Worship 69

Anika is going to put Charlie through his paces today. First she has him worship her ass while he sits with his back against the wall. Then she makes him lay on his back so she can ride his face.


Wendi Williams Workout Ass Worship

Wendi takes great pride in her body. During today\'s workout session she notices Charlie glaring at her. She calls him over and makes him bury his face in her sweaty ass


A rub down for Lena

It’s second nature for Lena to order Charlie around. Today she demands a rub down, among other things


Juggs massage service

What Goddess does enjoy a massage? Juggs makes sure she gets full service.


Deziree Monroe Panty Play handjob tease

Charlie is always buying the Goddesses gifts. He thinks it might get him special treatment. Today Deziree decides to tease Charlie by trying on several pairs of panties he bought for her. He gets to look, but he can’t touch. Just for a little more fun she pulls his cock out and plays with that too.

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GoGo Fukme Ass Worship Massage

GoGo is receiving a massage from Charlie. She decides she wants him to lick her ass. When he lowers his head, she lifts her legs and make him to become smothered by her ass.


Paris footworship just the socks

Paris is bored with Charlie. Today he doesn’t even deserve to worship her bare feet. He bought her the cutest purple socks, so as a reward he can worship her feet without her taking them off.


Sydnee Capri foot worship and leash training

Charlie knows he’s not allowed to sleep during the day. When Sydnee finds him napping it’s time for an obedience lesson. She wraps a bright pink collar around his neck and leads him around the room on a leash, forcing him to stop and smell her feet ago the way.


Layton Benton Ass Worship 69

Layton allows Charlie to kiss and like her ass. She even gives him an added treat when she gets in the 69 position and rides his face while she gives him a handjob


Paris cock ring play

Paris loves to tease and toy with Charlie. She has a special treat for him today. She\'s going to play with his cock, but not without putting a tight ring on it...


Ms Beauti Doll facesitting grind

Ms Beauti Doll returns to Black Femdom Goddess be sure to check out these longer me intense clips....


Rii Rii Kisses Ass Worship

Rii Rii knows how to get what she needs from Charlie. Sometimes she doesn\'t even have to ask. Today her ass need attention and Charlie up to the task


Juggs 69 tease

Juggs is an expert at teasing Charlie. Today she straddles him in the 69 position and teases his cock while she sits on his face, even putting the tip in her mouth. Charlie is such a lucky bastard.


Mohogany Jeans Facesitting

Mohogany loves to smother Charlie with her nice round ass. Today she doesn\'t even remove her jeans.

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Paris full massage service

Charlie gives Paris a full service massage


Deziree Monroe massage service

Deziree is very much a tease. She likes nothing more than to get Charlie all hard and bothered. Knowing that there’s no release coming for poor Charlie makes her climax so much more satisfying.


Asa of Spade and Rii Rii Kisses Panty play tease

Asa and Rii Rii are having a sleepover, they decide to have some fun with Charlie. Fun for them, not so much for Charlie. Being the loyal and obedient servant, Charlie has done some shopping for Asa and Rii Rii, new bras and panties for their sleepover. Why not tease Charlie and remind him that he’s not going to get any? They try on several outfits just to turn him on, then order him to leave with his raging hard on….


Beauti Doll full oral service

Beauti truly enjoys Charlie’s oral attention. But she doesn’t let him know that. For him it’s just a routine part of his day. Keeping his goddess pleased should be second nature to him.


Juggs spread and lick my ass

Juggs knows Charlie is well trained. Today she puts him to the test. He needs to eat her ass the way she likes it or that will be the only thing he gets to eat.


Mohogany Shower Service

While in the shower Mohogany orders Charlie to service her. Shaving and towel service.


Kinky Kayy facesitting 101

Kayy thinks Charlie needs a lesion in facesitting. So she takes him to school, slowly rubbing her sweat ass on his face.


Deziree Monroe After Gym Ass Worship

Deziree arrives home from the gym to find Charlie just sitting on the floor. He knows he has chores to do. This calls for a punishment, she didn’t shower at the gym so Charlie has to kiss and lick her sweaty ass.


Layton Benton full massage

Layton calls for Charlie “I need full service”. Will Charlie get a happy ending?

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Mz Ready Face Grinding

Mz Ready likes things a certain way. Today she doesn’t just want to sit on Charlie’s face, she wants to grind on it. She may tease him a bit and touch his cock, but her ass and pussy gets all of his attention.


Juggs ultimate tease

Juggs truly enjoys teasing Charlie. When she catches him masturbating, she lets him think he’s going to get some.


Mohogany Makeup Ass Eating

Mohogany is Applying her makeup, she calls for Charlie and tells him to lick her ass. She continues to apply her makeup.


Paris Ass Worship and Smothering against the wall

Paris is a little upset with Charlie. She’s been out all day and he’s been neglecting his chores, just sitting around. So she doesn’t let him stand up before she smothers him with her nice round ass.


Deziree Monroe oral tease

Deziree has teasing Charlie down to a science. Today she is toying with him with the aid of a penis shaped lollypop. Oh how Charlie wishes that was his cock on her lips. Maybe if he can satisfy Deziree orally she will lick his shaft. WARNING BFG FANS – for the first time ever Charlie may get off


GoGoFukme tit worship and hand job tease

GoGo is a tease, at least as far as Charlie is concerned. Although they have had many encounters, they always end the same, GoGo gets fully satisfied, Charlie does not. Don’t feel sorry for Charlie, it’s his lot in life. Plus he does get to be around some pretty hot women.


Layton Benton Foot and Ass Worship

Layton calls for Charlie “Lick my feet” Charlie takes to it like he hasn’t eaten in days.


Mz Ready masturbation tease

Mz Ready is at it again, teasing Charlie, just to make him squirm. She instructs him to masturbate for her amusement while she plays with herself. Guess who gets to finish?


Yazmin toe curling service

Today Yazmin has a special task for Charlie. Her toes, not to suck them, not to paint them, but to curl them. He takes right to his task as she mounts him in a 69 position.

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Beauti Doll more Ass Worship

Beauti Doll lets Charlie worship her ass fresh out of the shower...


Asa of Spade and Rii Rii Kisses Ass Worship while sleeping

Girlfriends Asa and Rii Rii are feeling a little restless. They wake up Charlie for some relief. He gets to worship their asses until they fall back asleep.


Rii Rii Kisses facesitting 69

Rii Rii teases Charlie by bouncing her ass in his face. She plays with his cock, then smothers him some more.


Gemini Lovell assisted masturbation with strap on

Most days Charlie is Gemini’s toy. But today she thinks he needs a little help, so she makes him use a facial strap on. It gets to receive the pleasure his cock never will.


Mz Ready massage with handjob

Mz Ready loves to tease Charlie. She truly appreciates Charlie’s massage service. So today she decides to give him a reward, a nice slow handjob. But will she let him finish?


GoGoFukme Ass Worship in the shower

GoGo calls Charlie into the bathroom and orders him to worship her ass. “French kiss my beautiful chocolate asshole”


Beauti Doll massage service

Like any true goddess Beauti deserves to be pampered. Today one of Charlie’s duties is a full service massage.


Sydnee Capri masturbation tease

Sydnee teases Charlie while she masturbates. “ Just sit there like a good boy, a good boy with a nice hard cock”


Asa of Spade full service massage

Asa demands full attention and full service from Charlie all the time. Today the service is a massage. As always he remains at full attention before and after….

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Kinky Kayy oral service

Kayy is in need of some oral service. She calls Charlie in and doesn’t even stop her phone conversation while Charlie does his duty.


Rii Rii massage service

We’ve said it many times before and Charlie knows it, he’s a lucky bastard. To have the honor of servicing a Goddess like Rii Rii. She loves to tempt and tease Charlie. While he’s giving her a massage, she pulls cock out and begins to rub it. Charlie does his job and gets her off, maybe today they both get to finish….


Gemini Lovell masturbation tease on a leash

Gemini doesn’t allow Charlie to wonder off, keeping him on a leash. He has the nerve to fall asleep. She decides to play with him a bit. First she teases him by having pull out his dick and masturbate for her amusement. Then she allows him to touch and rub her ass, maybe today she’ll let him get off…


GoGoFukme toying with Charlie

WARNING VERY HOT UPDATE GoGo wants to get off and only Charlie is around. So she treats him like her sex toy by forcing him to wear a dildo on his face. Charlie gets to do all the work and feel none of the pleasure.


Beauti Doll Ass Worship

Beauti has special treat for Charlie today, she’s going to let him worship her ass while he just sits back and relaxes. She’s even going to bounce it in his face to tease him. Charlie thinks he’s in heaven until the back of this head hits the wall….


Sydnee Capri Foot Worship and Masturbation Instruction

Charlie is sleeping at the end of the bed. Sydnee wakes him with a kick and tells him to get into position to worship her feet. After a few minutes she decides to tease Charlie further letting him masturbate. She pulls her panties to the side, exposing her wet pussy, daring him to put his hard dick inside her…..


Kakez full oral service

A goddess like Kakez makes sure her servant Charlie is fully trained. Today she demands full oral service.


Asa of Spade and Rii Rii Kisses tease factor

Asa and Rii Rii are enjoying a little quality girl time when they decide to invite Charlie in for a hot teasing session. Charlie gets to rub their tits and even eat a little pussy, but in the end he’s made to just watch while Asa and Rii Rii take care of each other.


Gemini Lovell scissorhold

Gemini can’t wait to wrap her thick legs around Charlie’s neck. Applying a nice tight scissorhold is just one of her specialties.

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Beauti Doll Hand Job tease

Beauti loves to tease Charlie. Today she does it with a slow handjob.


Kinky Kayy Ass worship on a leash

Kayy gets a kick out of treating Charlie more or less like a dog. Today while he is sleeping on his bed she wakes him up and leads him around the room by his leash. She then makes him sit with his back to the wall and shoves her ass in his face.


GoGoFukme full service massage

A goddess with a body like GoGo requires a great deal of attention. Shortly into her massage GoGo notices Charlie is at full attention. GoGo loves to tease Charlie, will she let him have a happy ending too?


Asa of Spade and Rii Rii Kisses facesitting slumber party

Asa and Rii Rii love to play together, especially when they can use Charlie as a toy. Today they take turns sitting on his face.


Rii Rii 2 finger handjob

As a reward for giving her an awesome massage, Rii Rii decides to give Charlie a slow 2 finger handjob. Will she let him finish?


Paris full service massage

Paris gets a full service massage with a happy ending....


Gemini Lovell Jeans facesitting

Gemini loves to sit on Charlie’s face. Today she’s not even going to take off her jeans.


Sydnee Capri facesitting Squats

Like most goddesses Sydnee enjoys her facesitting. But she knows Charlie enjoys it too. Maybe a little too much, so today Charlie has to lay on the floor while Sydnee squats over his face and teases him by only allowing him to sniff her ass and not lick her pussy.


Beauti Doll Facesitting

Beauti desides to give Charlie a treat. She sits on his face and lets him eat her pussy. She even takes his cock out and plays with it a bit.

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Kinky Kayy massage

Every goddess deserves a full service massage at least once a day. Today Kayy is more interested in the ‘service’ than the massage.


Moni Bella Rubdown

Bella likes to relax after a long day with a massage. Today Charlie has the pleasure of providing this service for his goddess. She even requests that he concentrates on her ass.


Rii Rii Kisses Oral Service

Rii Rii is having a restful day, chatting with a few friends, she decides she need some oral service from Charlie. She doesn’t break her conversation to call him. He already knows what to do….


Gemini Lovell Facesitting 69

Gemini in another hot facesitting clip. This time she teases Charlie in the 69 position, how long can he last?


Beauti Doll Shower Service

Being the true goddess Beauti is she naturally expects full service. Even with everyday things like a shower. Charlie is always near bye ready to leap to service.


Rii Rii Kisses scissorhold

Ri Ri acts timid and shay, but deep down she is a task master to poor charlie. Not that he does love every second of it. Today she applies a tight scissorhold while binding and twisting to increase the pain. Will charlie tap?


Electra Jeans Facesitting

Electra knows how cute she looks in her jeans. She decides to give Charlie a face full….


Jamaica Slim Face Sitting

Jamaica knows the best way to tease Charlie is by putting her ass right in his face. She sits sideways and barely allows him a chance to breathe while she slams her ass in his face.


Kinky Kayy Facesitting 69

Kayy calls Charlie in for a facesitting session. She decides to give him a tease and a treat by letting him eat her pussy and ass in the 69 position. She rips his boxers off and plays with his cock. Do you think she’ll let Charlie climax?

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Moni Bella Jeans Facesitting

Bella truly enjoys sitting on Charlie’s face. Today she decides to do it without taking her jeans off.


Kakez 2 finger handjob

Kakez is in a very playful mood, she wants to tease Charlie by giving him a handjob, a real slow handjob using only 2 fingers. Will she let him finish?


GoGoFukme scissorhold foot worship

GoGo calls for Charlie, she teases him a bit, making him think she might actually give him a massage. Charlie should know better. After rubbing his back for a few moments, she tells him to lay back then wraps her legs around his neck in a vicious scissorhold.


Paris Spanking fantasy

Charlie fantasizes about his goddess Paris often. Today he he wonders what it would be like to give her a spanking. What will happen when he wakes up?


Moni Bella foot worship

Every goddess loves having their feet worshiped. Moni is course no different. But is Charlie up to the task?


Electra Face Sitting 101

Electra is just relaxing around the house, in her very cute pink top. She decides her servant needs some more facesitting instruction, practice makes perfect.


Darla dog collar and penis leash

Darla truly enjoys the act of collaring her servants. It reminds them of their place. Today is a special day for Charlie, not only is Darla going to apply the collar around his neck, but she has a collar and leash for cock and balls too.


Jamaica Slim scissorhold

Jamaica puts Charlie in tight scissorhold. She maybe slim but she still make Charlie gasp for breath.


Kakez Another Training Day

Charlie is pretty well trained at this point. But Kakez doesn’t like to take that for granted, so she takes every opportunity to put him through his paces. Facesitting and foot worship are on the menu today.

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Mohogany Oral Service

While on the phone Mohogany orders Charlie to service her. He goes to work and she goes on with her conversation.


GoGoFukme Face sitting 69

GoGo calls for Charlie and him to lay down. GoGo is very much a tease when it comes to Charlie. Right now she wants to ride his face until she cums. First she teases him with ass, then she mounts him in a 69 position. His cock gets hard at once, so GoGo begins to play with it. She spits on it and teases him by making him think she might put it in her mouth


Electra oral service

Like every true goddess Electra demands full oral service from her servant. Today she has Charlie give her his full attention orally even though she is too busy to even give him the order. She makes several calls and handles business arrangements ignoring Charlie while he services her.


Jamaica Slim Oral service

Jamaica is having an important conversation with her friend about cooking. She doesn’t have time to instruct Charlie on the finer points of oral servitude. That doesn’t mean he’s off the hook. In face it means he has to do a better job than usual


Mohogany scissorhold

Mohogany truly enjoys wrapping her legs around Charlie’s neck. She is very skilled at applying a tight brutal scissorhold.


Kakez Foot Worship on Leash

Kakez orders Charlie to wake up and worship her feet.


Moni Bella makeup ass eating

Bella is in the bathroom applying her makeup. A duty Charlie isn’t trained for yet. Bella calls him in from his post in the shower and says the words Charlie loves to hear ‘Supper Time’. He goes right to work eating her ass, while she tells him about her day.


Electra massage tease

Electra calls in Charlie and orders him to apply oil and give her a massage. She notices he’s becoming aroused, so she tells him to take his cock out and rub it while he rubs her ass and clit. Will see allow him to cum? Does he even deserve it?


Persia Scissor hold and 2 finger handjob

Persia calls her slave in and applies a scissor hold to him just for fun. Then she decides to play with a bit more by giving him a handjob. But with just two fingers, only good slaves get to cum

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Purrfect Starr full massage

Starr keeps her slave close at hand when she needs service. Today it’s a massage, she holds his leash tight, so he stays on task.


Yazmin full shower service

Yazmin always demands full shower service from Charlie. Today that includes shaving and rubbing her pussy.


Mohogany Ass Worship

Mohogany is trying to get some rest, she tosses and turns, then wakes Charlie up to and orders him to “pucker up” just for her amusement. If she can’t sleep, he doesn’t get to either.


Kakez Oral Service

While Kakez on the phone she orders Charlie to perform his oral service duties. He is so well trained at this point that Kakez doesn’t have to “say” anything. She tells he what to do just using hand signals without even breaking her conversation.


Darla scissorhold

Charlie is having a good day. He has taken care of all of his goddess’s needs and Darla has called him into her room, surely for a reward of some kind. But Charlie is wrong, very wrong. Darla wants the pleasure of wrapping her legs around Charlie’s neck and squeezing them tight in a scissorhold. Enjoy Charlie


Moni Bella Oral Training

Bella has Charlie pretty well trained. Today he makes a huge mistake while performing his oral services for Ms Bella. He begins to craw away before Bella orders him to. What will his punishment be?


Electra First the socks, then the feet

Electra demands that Charlie worships every part of her body, but her feet always get special attention. He starts while she still has her socks on. Later she orders him to take them off and kiss, lick, rub, and suck her feet and toes. Full service foot worship


Eva Capri Massage and ass worship

Eva in bed after a long day. She orders her slave to give her a massage. She has trained him well, she always enjoys the rub downs he gives her. As a reward she lets him bury his face in her ass.


Mohogany Facesitting

Mohogany loves to sit on Charlie’s face. Her nice round butt easily smothers him, in the cute pink patties Charlie bought for her. She grids and teases him by letting him think she’s going to stop, then forcing him back down.

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Yazmin Assworship and Oral service

Yazmin needs to have her ass worshiped everyday. Today she has Charlie service her orally too.


Moni Bella Ass Worship

Moni calls Charlie in and orders him to worship her ass. Charlie takes this duty very seriously, but Ms Bella still has to hit him several times to remind him of his place.


Most Wanted hand job tease

Most Wanted is bored, an unacceptable thing for a true goddess. Her slave is in the kitchen doing the dishes, she decides to tease him a bit. First she rubs him, then she has him pull out his cock and play with it. Then she plays with it, but only using two fingers. Then she walks away and orders him to finish the dishes. He’s left standing with a hard dick.


Darla 60 plus inches of Ass Worship and Facesitting

Darla has a big ass, strike that Darla has an enormous, immense, vast, ginormous ass. What is a goddess to do with all that ass? Good thing she has Charlie to worship it when it needs attention. His reward for attending to his goddesses ass needs? A face full of ass of course….


Lena scissorhold 2

The classic scissorhold is one of Lena’s specialties. Charlie is a truly lucky bastard.


Kakez Ass Eating

Kakez is trying to enjoy a mid afternoon nap. Charlie is getting some rest too at her side, stretched out on the floor. Kakez begins to toss and turn, then she awakens Charlie by pulling this chain. She lets him know if she can’t sleep either can he and orders him to eat her ass until she falls back asleep.


Electra Ass Worship

We could tell you more about Electra, but she’d rather tell you herself. Oh yeah she call’s in her servant for some ass worshiping too.


Yazmin massage with full service oral

Yazmin is used to full service attention. Today she needs a massage. Before her servant can finish her legs she decides that she wants oral service too. She teases her servant a bit by letting him lick then forcing him to stop. Finally she orders him to finish his duties.


Paris nude massage

Paris gets a head to toe nude massage

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Lena gets very wet

Lena takes a soapy shower. She then calls her servant in to rinse her off and dry her. A true goddess always gets full service.


Lena 2 finger handjob tease

Lena decides to play with her slave by teasing him with a handjob only using 2 fingers. She likes to get him worked up knowing she’s not going to let him finish.


Purrfect Starr Oral Service

Starr has trained the her slave so well she doesn’t even need to give him orders. While on the phone with one of her friends she has her slave come in begin performing oral service on her without breaking her conversation.


Lena up close and personal face sitting

Lena in a hot face sitting clip with lots of tight close-ups


Persia feeding time ass worship

Persia is in the kitchen, she calls her slave in and lets him know it’s feeding time. She hopes he’s hungry because only ass is on the menu today. Her slave takes his oral duties seriously and makes sure Persia cums more than once


Purrfect Starr foot worship and handjob

Starr orders her slave to worship her feet. First by licking her socks. Then to tease him and give him a slight treat she straddles him and gives him a slow handjob. Latter she removes her panties and gives him a real treat....


Paris Face Sit And Hand Job

Paris is on the phone with a good friend of hers who just told her that she saw her servant acting out at the mall earlier today. Paris calls her servant in to account for his actions. When he can’t she makes him say down so she can sit on his face and continue the interrogation. It concludes with Paris forcing him to masturbate with his face full of her ass….


Lena Ass Eating

Lena likes to call her slave Charlie. That’s not his real name, but she doesn’t care. Today Charlie is tending to Lena’s backside. With nearly no direction he gets right to work, rubbing, kissing, then eating her ass.


Yazmin panty play

Yazmin is in a playful mood today. She teases her slave by giving him a panty fashion show. Near the end she mounts his face and lets him sniff and kiss her butt. She even grips and smacks his cock so he doesn’t forget who’s in charge.

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Most Wanted scissor hold

Most Wanted calls her servant in and makes him think he's getting a reward for his service. Instead she places him in a brutal scissor hold


Eva Capri Jeans Face Sitting

Eva is bored, an unacceptable mood for a goddess. She calls her slave in for a bootlicking and face sitting session


Paris and Most Wanted panty play tease

Most Wanted and Paris truly enjoy teasing their servant, Today they leave him bound to the bed while they try on multiple pairs of panties. Look but don’t touch….


Purrfect Starr Ass Eating

Her slave is at the side of the bed, Starr enters and tells him it’s feeding time


Most Wanted foot service hand job

Most Wanted demands her slaves complete attention. In more ways than one in this case. First she puts him to work worshiping her feet, both rubbing and licking. Then she orders him to remove his boxers and masturbate. She then walks away telling him to keep it hard. Later she returns and begins to give him a hand job…..


Most Wanted Ass Worship

Most Wanted is on the bed texting when she decides it's feeding time. She calls for her devoted servant and orders him lick her ass.


Cocoa Baybee Worship my Ass

For all of his loyal service Cocoa decides her boy deserves a reward; a face full of ass.


Black Femdom Goddess welcomes Eva Capri

Eva is well known by her fans for bubble gum and tease clips in her clips4sale store. But as you know that’s not what we do around here. See her for the first time in facesittingm handjob, and ball busting femdom scenes.


Persia massage on a leash

It’s early in the morning Persia wakes up with a slight stiffness in her back. Her slave who is on call and at her side at all times, on his leash, gets called into duty. “Rub my back slave” she orders, never letting go of his leash, only giving him enough slack to perform his task

Over Three Hundred Videos in The Members Area


Persia Jeans Facesitting

Persia comes home from a long day of shopping to find her slave sitting on her bed. He knows her bed is off limits unless she calls for him. This action calls for a punishment, facesitting, with her jeans on.


Most Wanted gets FULL oral service

Most Wanted is preparing for an evening out she calls her servant in and tells him “Do what you gotta do”. He knows the routine and gets right to eating her ass. After a few minutes she dismisses him, she then notices one of her mirrors is missing from the bathroom. She calls him back and turns this into a full service session by having him eat her pussy too.


Lena and Miesha respect your teacher

Miesha catches her slave masturbating in the bathroom. She decides to teach him a little lesion. She offers to help him out by taking over, Part way through her removes her panties and uses them to continue to give him a handjob, Then she storms out before he’s allowed to climax. As payback for a recent massage session Lena decides to reward her slave with a masturbation lesion…….